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The Ultimate Guide To Extraordinary Book Launches
In This Blueprint, Renegade Book Marketing Experts, Colton and Gavin, Declassify the 
Exact Formula They Used to Launch a First-Time Author to the Top of All of Amazon, and Even the Illustrious New York Times—Anyone Can Use to Engineer Epic Book Launches With Ease in 30-90 Days
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The Renegade Book Launch Blueprint
The Ultimate Guide To Extraordinary Book Launches
Whether you've already written your book, you're writing now, or haven't started yet you need to know how to launch your book—and trust us, you don't want to rely on hope to get your book to the top of Amazon, Audible, or the illustrious New York Times (if you're ambitious). 

The Renegade Book Marketing Blueprint is your-by-step guide to creating extraordinary book launches, which will teach you exactly how we launched a first-time author to the top of all of Amazon and the New York Times and how you can engineer your book to be a bestseller. Plus, discover (using these same exact steps) how we launched other authors to all of Amazon again, and featured on FOX, Big Think, Business Insider, Forbes, Financial Times, The Joe Rogan Experience, NBC News, and many others).

This does not happen by chance. 

There is a system for launching bestsellers and this blueprint lays it all out on the table. 

But word of warning these methods are not conventional. They utilize extremely effective force multipliers and best practices in our experience, for launching a bestseller in as little as 30-90 days.

And between this blueprint, the checklist that keeps your launch on track, and the calendar that keeps you committed to your goal—you will have everything you need to punch a hole in the book publishing industry. 

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The Renegade Book Launch Blueprint
The Renegade Book Launch Blueprint will teach you exactly how we launch bestsellers and avoid all the pitfalls that most people fall into. 

You will start by determining that your book will actually sell using a scientific formula to know beyond the shadow of a doubt your book converts. Then, you will discover how you can amplify your audience to create what we call critical audience penetration in order to trigger all the algorithms used in the industry to award the title of bestseller. 

Next, you will discover the psychological frameworks used to engineer hype, anticipation and positive expectation around your book launch, so it is received with praise. And how you can create an offer your audience can't refuse to sell so many books that you become too big to ignore. Then, of course, we will teach you how you can capture the contact information of your audience, so the energy doesn't drop after your book launch. 

So, you can live the lifestyle of a paid writer, who has their own platform and audience, who eagerly await your next release. 
The Calendar Timeline Tool
While simple, the steps from The Renegade Book Marketing Blueprint are ridiculously effective—when followed and committed to. Which is why we created this calendar tool to help keep you on track and committed to your goal of launching a bestseller in as little as 30-90 days. 

This knowledge is only useful if you apply it, so this calendar tool will help you pencil in each step exactly in the order it needs to happen. So, you know what to do every day up until the end of your book launch. 
The Renegade Book Launch Checklist
When you follow the 7 steps of The Renegade Book Launch Blueprint you will rapidly accelerate the pace and success of your book sales. And the results of your launch are multiplied by the order your follow steps involved, which is why we created this checklist.

You can print out this checklist, stick it up on the wall, and just like a pilot does before take off... make sure you've ticked all the switches... 

Then, blastoff! 

Conclusion: With the Renegade Book Launch Blueprint Bundle you will gain insights that took us years of experimenting and hundreds of thousands in marketing experiments to discover. Only to then prove the formula works with multiple successes. 

With this blueprint in your back-pocket you will have a clear idea of how exactly to do you book launch with the highest chance of success possible, which will be your ace-in-the-hole. 
When You Order This Blueprint You Will Discover:
  •  The #1 most important thing to do BEFORE you launch your book, that will make all the difference in the world when the time comes to boldly step onto the world stage…
  •  How to create an offer your audience can’t refuse and sell tens of thousands of books in a short time, which is the single most important indicator of the success of your book launch...
  •  The simple and scientific way to prove your book will convert before you launch, so you don’t waste your time building up for months only to flop and suffer a humiliating public failure...
  •  A proven formula using potent psychological frameworks to guarantee positive reception for your book, that will influence how well accepted your book is by others—despite how good it actually is...
  •  How to avoid sending your book to the Amazon rankings graveyard where all good books go to die, and actually get your writing read and shared by others...
  •  A simple and reliable 7-step formula for engineering extraordinary book launches, that we used to launch a first-time author to the top of the New York Times and also hit the top 20 in All of Amazon multiple times...
  •  How to trigger the book list algorithms that will award your book the title of bestseller, by creating critical audience penetration and becoming a force too big to be ignored...
  •  How to build an overnight audience on the back-end of your book launch, so that the energy of your book launch (and your career as an author) doesn’t end after launch day...
  •  And much, much more...
Two direct response marketers who are writers at heart, 
lived and worked in the book publishing industry for years...

Now, we're sharing everything with you—so you can make great money and great art.
    What Other Students Have to Say:
    "I've experienced these guys in action as teachers, and their stuff really works."
    "Colton and Gavin are one of the most unorthodox marketing teams you're likely to come across. That's because they're Renegades. I've experienced these guys in action as teachers, and their stuff really works. They know how to go from nothing to success in a short time, and repeat the process over and over. 

    The Renegade Book Marketing Manual really works. 
    If you want to succeed in selling books and you don't 
    mind doing something different, this could be what 
    you've been looking for."

    Stephen Hitchings
    "We are amazed at how beneficial your practical knowledge and wisdom has been for our business."
    "We would like to thank you for your book marketing program. Over the years we have purchased many marketing programs. Your program was probably one of the lowest cost courses we have purchased, but we are amazed at how beneficial your practical knowledge and wisdom has been for our business.

    Basically this has been the most beneficial course we have participated in. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom."

    Brian Taylor
    "I now have everything in my hands to become the successful writer I’d always dreamed of. "
    It taught me how to become my very own sales & marketing guru with practical strategies to achieve explosive book sales. I now have everything in my hands to become the successful writer I’d always dreamed of. 

    Kim Curry
    "Everything you have presented has really helped me bring down the costs that I thought would be involved in promoting and publishing a book."
    "Everything you have presented has really helped me bring down the costs that I thought would be involved in promoting and publishing a book. I appreciate that more than you two will ever know." 

    Randy Woolf
    About Your Teachers:
    Colton Swabb and Gavin Abeyratne are the founding members of Renegade Writers—a collective of writers, authors and artists who use proven marketing strategies to amplify their radical self-expression and make good money and good art. 

    Both Colton and Gavin hail from heavy direct response entrepreneurial backgrounds and leverage this legacy to help artists adopt an effective means of selling their books and spreading their message, while making most of the skills they already possess as authors. 

    After their initial debut into teaching together in 2016, and seeing their students since then achieve incredible results, both Colton and Gavin have decided to take on teaching in a greater capacity—in order to get these tactics and strategies into the hands of other authors, writers and artists. It is their hope that these skills will allow you to discover creative entrepreneurship as a viable alternative to the traditional 9-5 cultural narrative, that allows you to live a life fuller of options, satisfaction and contribution. 
    Gavin (left) and Colton (right) in Kyoto, Japan. 
    How Much Is The Renegade Book Launch Blueprint Bundle?
    As we mentioned, we spend most of our time behind the scenes. In fact, this may be the first time you've heard of us, and to be frank, at this point, you have pretty much no reason to believe anything we're saying. 

    In full acknowledgement of that, we're going to do something crazy with the price of this manual.

    Instead of pricing this at $197 or even $97, (despite how effective these tactics have proven to be) we're offering the Renegade Book Launch Blueprint, and the checklist and calendar: for just $17.

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    You get the manual, two training videos, and two sets of worksheets to help you apply these tactics to your business straight away for only $17.

    This makes it extremely low risk for you, and we get the pleasure of teaching (which we love). 

    Now for good measure, and just to make it ZERO risk for you...
    Yes... We Offer A 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.
    As a reader, we know you're probably busy (we know how intimidating that stack of books in your to-read list is right now).  And maybe you have a few courses you want to go through, and feel as though you won't have time to go through the Renegade Book Launch Blueprint.

    Two things: 1) definitely prioritize it :) and 2) to make sure you have literally ALL the time in the world to go through it and evaluate it, we're offering a 100% LIFETIME money back guarantee. If you don't find this program worth 10x your money, we insist you ask for a refund. 

    Whenever you want. We run a lucrative copywriting and consulting practice and love to teach these skills to aspiring writers, (we're on your side) so take a chance on this, and just see if it doesn't stack up as the best investment you've ever made in your writing education.
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