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Discover The Secret to Life-Changing Levels of Traffic, Authority and Credibility Online
When you really break it down to first principles, succeeding as an author, expert, speaker, or coach is pretty simple.

All you really need is a way to generate a ton of traffic and point it back to your website. 

But not just any traffic... you need traffic from millions of people who YOU as an expert and authority and TRUST what you have to say.

Once you have that, everything else you do from launching books, to selling 6-7 figures worth in courses and programs becomes relatively straight forward.

Intuitively, you probably already know this. 

But the problem is...
If You Don't Have a Way To Access Traffic on Demand, 
You Will Never Get The Traction You Need
This is that whole 'if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, did it really fall at all?' question, which has puzzled philosophers (and marketers) for eons. 

If you spend years writing your book, developing courses, and publishing them online, but no one ever hears about your work... did you really create them? 

Of course you did. 

But the problem is: even if you have the highest converting website in the world, with the best quality writing, and the most persuasive offer possible... 

If you don't have a way to tap into huge amounts of traffic and nobody ever sees what you've made... 

It basically doesn't exist.

Sad, but true.

However, the inverse is true too... if you have access to millions of people at any point in time, everything you do will have the platform it needs to be marketed effectively, and you will have the influence and income you need to succeed.

The key to this is to tap into virtually unlimited amounts of qualified, buying traffic online.

The secret to doing this?

You guessed it... Getting featured on Major Publications.
Just Imagine...Tapping Into An Audience of Millions Overnight and Opening the Floodgates in your Business
Major publications make up the majority of traffic online and with one mention or link, they can shut down servers with the sheer amount of inbound traffic they send at any point in time—and for good reason.

These publications have spent years (even decades) building up their readership. 

And by getting featured on these publications you get to harness all those years of their effort, authority, and credibility in one fell swoop—for your benefit.

Successful authors have been doing this since before the internet was even around. 

And today it's an even more powerful strategy to explode your influence than ever before. 

One single link from a featured article of yours can change your life forever.

Just take our good friend Tim, for example...
Our Expert Content Marketer, Tim Denning, 
Will Teach You Exactly How
Tim Denning is one of the most influential bloggers and writers on the internet today, in the top 1% in Australia and top 5% world-wide.

And it isn't because his raw talent as a write, but because he has a proven system for getting featured, which he is sharing with you today.

Just take one of Tim's recent articles, which he wrote for LinkedIn, which generated 1,016,605 clicks....
From just ONE article.

This is a staggering, life-changing amount of clicks by anyone's standard, which can transform your business as an author or coach. 

And just imagine what happens when those clicks go to a sales page with an offer at any price...well you can do the math...

Here are just a few brands you may recognize, with millions in reach each, which feature Tim's work:
In this exclusive training you will discover exactly how Tim gets featured again, and again, with unheard of levels of consistency, and how you can too...
In 'Getting Featured on Major Publications' You Will Discover:
  • How to generate MILLIONS (seriously) of clicks from a single article, to bring back to your website or anywhere else you want to send them.
  •  Why you NEED to get featured on major publications to create the level of trust, authority and credibility, to serve people at the highest level possible and not need to waste your time convincing anyone of your value anymore.
  •  A foolproof system to getting past the gatekeepers and speaking directly to decision makers, so you can get real results, real fast.
  •  How to open the floodgates to the highest quality FREE traffic on the web, and repeat the process over and over again—in a way that gets easier each and every time. 
  •  A proven system for tapping into an audience of your perfect readers, who are amassed by the unique major publications in your niche and looking for exactly what you have to offer.
  •  How to create a world-class content marketing strategy that will amplify your reach for years to come, so you never have to worry about publishing to audiences of tumbleweeds ever again.
  •  Proven methods for creating prestige and authority online, so you can negotiate speaking gigs and book deals rom a place of power, instead of resorting to hope or asking for favors. 
  •  How to handle the sheer level of inbound interest your writing will generate, and structure deals that harness that attention and awareness in the highest leverage way possible, so you never get the short end of the stick again.
  •  How to write viral articles that are engineered to be shared, and create truly unpredictable levels of success where even celebrities are tweeting about you and what you write...
  •  And much, much more...
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